Traveling around the world can be exciting, but it also requires some careful prep beforehand. For instance, you can worry less about water when you have a reliable source at home, but what about during trips overseas? Before heading on your next getaway, read our top tips for drinking water while traveling globally.

Always Stay Hydrated

When you’re out and about during your travels, it’s easy to forget to stay properly hydrated. After all, the journey itself can be so captivating that packing water isn’t always at the top of the to-do list. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on the list at all.

Simply put, whenever you’re traveling the world, always make access to clean, crisp water part of your plan. That way, you can remain healthy and ready for the journey ahead. If you’re in an area with questionable water quality, you might shy away from drinking enough during the day. Luckily, some simple preparations can ensure you always have water nearby.

Bring a Reliable Purifier Bottle

Suffice it to say that drinking straight out of a nearby freshwater source might not be enticing when you're hiking or camping. However, water purifier bottles exist that can help you turn natural water into a clean and refreshing source of H2O on the go. Unlike the average filtered bottle, Water-to-Go’s water purifier bottle for travel can completely remove contaminants from your water, including many viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, and more.

Keeping a reliable purifier with you during your travels is a great way to provide yourself with more peace of mind when drinking from water sources outside of your home’s tap. That way, you’re never without a water source during routine hikes or unforeseen emergencies. Plus, constantly buying water bottles on a trip is neither cost-efficient nor eco-friendly, so the costs add up in more ways than one. By carrying a reusable purifier, you can help your wallet and the planet in one swift move.

Boiling Is Your Friend

Additionally, water is an ingredient in various drinks, such as hot coffees and teas. Luckily your favorite coffee is not a hazard when you’re traveling abroad. Boiling water is one of the most common ways to remove harmful bacteria from water, so you can safely drink your favorite morning beverage.

As such, if you’re making coffee or tea with boiling water, you should be okay, but keep in mind that boiling doesn’t remove every harmful substance. According to the CDC, boiling water will not remove fuel, toxic chemicals, or radioactive materials from drinking water. Thanks to these tips for drinking water while traveling globally, you know why and how to prioritize hydration when traveling abroad. Now, you can plan your next trip while prioritizing health and adventure.

Written by Rashidul Islam

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