Everyone deserves access to clean water, but, unfortunately, not everyone has that access. Luckily, you can obtain it by knowing the difference between water filters and water purifiers. You’ll come across both monikers while shopping, but you might not see what makes them unique from one another when looking at specific products.

Both work to clean water, but they do so in very different ways. If you’re unfamiliar with what separates the two categories, read this guide to identifying water filtration vs. purification and what you need to know. That way, you can make the best choice when browsing your options.

Common Water Contaminants

Among the many contaminants that can infiltrate your drinking water are a wide range of viruses. Unclean water can carry viruses such as norovirus, hepatitis A, and rotavirus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diseases linked to contaminated water and poor sanitation include hepatitis A, cholera, diarrhea, and more. Simply put, it’s best to avoid contaminated drinking water. Poor water quality is nothing new, but clean water is still attainable. Now that you know many of the dangers that can infiltrate drinking water, let’s break down the technology available to prevent such issues.

Filter vs. Purifier

Water filters are a common go-to for homeowners looking for a way to clean up their water. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of water contaminants, but those that do typically look for a suitable solution. However, water filters and filter bottles won’t remove the bulk of contaminants in your H2O.

These filters can stop some bacteria and other large contaminants that are moving through the water, but they won’t catch all of them and won’t catch some of the most harmful materials. You might assume that large-sized contaminants are the worst, but it’s not that simple.

Thankfully, that’s where water purification devices truly shine. Water purifiers and water filters are two terms you might hear interchangeably, but they differ in a big way—the extent of their cleaning capabilities. Choosing between the two can be confusing at first, but once you learn what makes filtration and purification unique, finding what you need to stay healthy and happy should be far from a hassle. After all, our water purifier bottle can remove hepatitis A, norovirus, chlorine, and more water contaminants.

Purifiers are perfect for ensuring you have clean water at home, but what about when you’re hiking or doing other outdoor activities? As you’ll learn below, water purification devices are more portable than you might think.

Safety on the Go

When you’re backpacking or hiking outside, you can come across natural water sources that may look perfect for rehydrating. You might be far from your home’s tap, but what about a nearby river?

These water sources can carry many contaminants even when they’re not clearly visible to our eyes. Purifier bottles come in handy in such situations because they give you the key to clean water when you’re out and about. Walking through the forest isn’t the only time a quality water purifier bottle is helpful on the go. If you’re heading to the office or another facility and don’t want to rely on a public drinking fountain’s cleanliness, purification can help you turn that H2O into a more inviting source of hydration. Drinking water should never feel like a gamble, and with the right tools, it won’t have to feel that way.

Plus, when you’re doing physically demanding tasks such as hiking, water is certainly something you want to have nearby to replenish your energy. Before you start looking for quality purifier bottles, there are a few more details to consider. As with any product, your experience will vary from brand to brand. That might sound frustrating, but the search is straightforward and will help you find a convenient source for water purifying products. Let’s discuss how to start finding a solution to poor water quality today.

Finding a Solution

Thanks to the details above, you should have a better grasp of how to choose between water filtration vs. purification. Knowing this difference is critical because both cleaning options provide very different results. Of course, both processes focus on cleaning up water, but they do so to different degrees. So, what are the next steps you should take? Your decision mainly comes down to the level of protection you’re looking for. In other words, do you want the best protection from small and large contaminants in your drinking water?

Water purification bottles are for those who want to remove all harmful materials from their water, including viruses. Additionally, it’s always important to know exactly who you’re buying the purifier from. If you’re browsing reliable brands and vendors, you can quickly find the perfect purifier for your needs at home and on the go. By relying on experts who can truly purify water, you can ensure you’ll have access to clean H2O at all times. Remember, everyone deserves access to clean water, and now you know how to attain it.


As you can see, the wide range of water cleaning methods vary. At Water-to-Go, we specialize in creating water purifier bottles that remove any contaminants you encounter at home or on the go. Thanks to the reusable nature of our purifier bottles, each filter can replace anywhere between 260 and 400 single-use plastic water bottles. The number of single-use bottles your purifier replaces depends on the filter size.

Our purifiers also aim to deliver clean water quickly, so you don’t have to wait to obtain it. When you want healthy drinking water, you can obtain it easily with one of our bottles. We also make it easy to accommodate different lifestyles. For example, our bottles come in various styles that include “Classic” and “Go.” The Classic design prioritizes durability for activities such as hiking and backpacking. On the other hand, the Go design delivers a compact way to purify water, making it ideal for carrying in gym bags and other smalls spaces. No matter your lifestyle, you can find a purifier that will give you the power to clean water with ease.

Written by Rashidul Islam

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