It’s not uncommon to hear people discuss concerns over their water quality. That concern is heightened when people are away from home and have to deal with unfamiliar water sources such as on a backpacking trip or a vacation abroad. Seasoned backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts are well -aware of the hazards, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, when drinking from lakes and streams.

But travelers, who face similar hazards, may not be aware of what lurks in water from a foreign tap. Read these ways drinking contaminated water affects your health to learn more about these hazards and what you can do to protect yourself.

Contaminants Found in Foreign Water

Unfamiliar water presents unfamiliar hazards to our bodies. Even if the water is safe for the locals, it may not be safe for the casual visitor. One bad sip can ruin a trip. Exotic vacation destinations often have sub-standard water infrastructure that allows dangerous contaminants into the water supply. Bacteria is among the most well-known water contaminants, including E. coli and cholera. Foreign tap water may also contains viruses including hepatitis and rotavirus, as well as chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and microplastics. There are many ways drinking contaminated water affects your health during a trip.

Contamination Side Effects

Drinking contaminated water when traveling, whether for vacation or a quick hike, is best avoided because it can cause serious illnesses, even if it looks harmless at first. According to the EPA, potential health effects of contaminated drinking water include gastrointestinal illnesses, kidney failure, and more. None of want to spend our vacation dealing with tummy distress, or worse.

Safe Hydration When Traveling

If this guide is making you worried about hydrating, you can rest easy knowing solutions are available for anyone concerned about unsafe water while traveling. Our water purifier bottle for travel remove the contaminants you might encounter in unfamiliar drinking water.

Although it’s understandable to be nervous after learning the information above, remember that you can take steps today to ensure you have contaminant-free drinking water. If you have a water purifier bottle by your side, you won’t have to worry about water contaminants infiltrating your body with each sip. It is one easy to way to ensure your next trip leaves you relaxed, not nervous.

Written by Rashidul Islam

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