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First Responders Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Water-to-Go

Water-to-Go water purifier filter bottles have been proven in some of the toughest environments, including floods and other disasters. We help first responders stay hydrated and healthy as they serve their communities in times of need.  Two examples are Bucks Search and Rescue and Blue Sky Rescue.

Bucks Search and Rescue is a group of highly trained volunteers trained to provide first aid and specialist search and rescue services during times of flood or other disasters.

Blue Sky Rescue is a non-profit organization whose primary tasks are search-and-rescue, information screening, and medical assistance during natural disasters or epidemics.

Water-to-Go filter bottles ensure first responders don’t have to worry about finding safe, clean drinking water. They can put their faith in our technology, just like we put our faith in them.

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A portable water purification system for when disaster strikes

In a disaster, water supplies can be unavailable or compromised with dangerous chemicals like lead and benzene. It can be days or weeks before disaster relief arrives and water systems are restored. Self reliance means ensuring an adequate water supply. When tap water is compromised, Water-to-Go water purifier bottles protect you from chemicals and pathogens that can get into tap water and cause serious illness. When tap water is unavailable, you can drink from ponds, streams and any other outdoor freshwater source.

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No boiling. No chemicals. No hassle.

Transform dirty water to clean water in seconds. Just fill, replace lid and filter, and drink. Water-to-Go water purifier bottles eliminate up to 99.9999% of water contaminants with no need for boiling, chemicals or plunging. A portable water purification system that prepares you for any emergency.

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Save space. Save money.

Cases of water bottles or large jugs of water take up space that can be used for other essentials. After sitting for a while, water in plastic containers gets that suspicious plastic taste from chemicals leaching into the water so most people just buy more bottles. That gets expensive. One Water-to-Go 26 oz filter is equal to 400 plastic bottles. One filter can last up to three months before needing to be replaced.

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Clean drinking water with no aftertaste. This system definitely works

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