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New hygienic Black Lid:

  • Protective flip cap over spout
  • Larger spout to increase flow rate
  • Fits both GO! and 750ml bottles
  • Filter not included

Black click lid for Black 750ml bottles and 500ml bottles

  • Protective flip cap over spout
  • Larger spout to increase flow rate
  • Fits both 500ml and 750ml bottles

Q: How do I use the bottle?

A: Super easy. Just fill, replace the lid and drink. To drink, sip/suck water through the filter. Avoid squeezing. The filter purifies water as you drink. No pumping, iodine tablets, UV light or chemicals required.

Q: Why am I not getting much water out of the bottle?

A: If you are unfamiliar with water filter bottles, the flow rate is slower than regular water bottles. This just means the filter is doing its job of removing contaminants as you draw water through the filter. 

Q: What contaminants does Water-to-Go filter?

A:  Water-to-Go filters up to 99.9999% of illness-causing contaminants, including those as small as a virus. (Most filter bottles do not protect you from viruses.) In lab tests Water-to-Go filtered even the smallest of viruses like polio which can be as small as .03 microns. In all Water-to-Go filters bacteria, parasites (including giardia), chemicals (including chlorine, fluoride), pesticides and nitrates, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, chromium) and microplastics.  The Water-to-Go filter has been proven in four independent lab tests on four continents and by over 500,000 customers around the world.

Q: How does Water-to-Go filter so many contaminants?

A: The filter combines physical (small pore size), chemical (activated carbon), and electropositive nanofiltration. Picture a nanofiber mesh made with activated carbon where each nanofiber strand has millions of tiny hairs that reach into the tiny pores of the mesh. Each of those tiny hairs carries a positive charge. By nature, most contaminants have a negative charge, so the contaminants that are not blocked by the tiny pores or trapped by the activated carbon are attracted to the positive charge and captured by those tiny hairs. No other water filter technology combines these three technologies and delivers results at such a low cost per gallon or liter.

Q: Do you have testing reports?

A: Yes. You can view these on our website, We have been tested on three continents by internationally renowned laboratories in London, Florida, India and China.

Q: What set-up is required?

A: Before first use, fill the bottle to submerge the filter for 15 minutes. That’s it. You are good to go. If used regularly, the filter only needs to be activated once. You do not need to activate the filter every time you use the bottle.  If your filter dries out completely (usually because it has not been used for several weeks), just reactivate by submerging the filter for 15 minutes and your bottle will be ready for use. You can safely reactivate the filter three times and get multiple vacations/trips from just one filter.

Q: What if I experience a leak?

A: The lid probably needs to be tightened a bit. Give it a gentle extra twist. Gently suck to pull water through the filter. Don’t squeeze.

Q: What is the filter shelf life? What if I don’t use the bottle for a while? Does filter life degrade?

A: In general, filter life is determined by use, not time. So if your bottle sits on a shelf for months and the filter dries out, just reactivate the filter by filling the bottle to submerge the filter for 15 minutes. Without activating the filter, in the original packaging, the filter will have a shelf life of three years. The nanotechnology in the filter is activated by contact with water, so before initial use please keep your filter in a dry place.

Q: How long does the filter last?

A: All Water-to-Go bottles now come with a large 25oz/75cl filter, regardless of bottle size. 

  • Filters 200 liters/53 gallons depending on use. For example, if you are filtering water with heavy silt or sediment, filter life will decrease.
  • Replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles
  • In general, you can fill up the bottle at a tap 2-3 times a day and the filter will last for 3 months.

Q: How do I know when the filter needs to be replaced?

A: In general, the filter will last three months. After three months of cumulative use we recommend replacing your filter. If you bought your bottle from the Water-to-Go website we will send you a reminder after three months to suggest you replace your filter if you use it regularly. If you are traveling to a part of the world where the water is particularly unsafe we recommend changing the filter every two months. 

Q: What is the bottle made of?

A: Water-to-Go Active and Classic bottles are made of FDA-approved BPA-free plastic. 

Water-to-Go Bioplastic bottles are made from ethically harvested sugarcane (except the lid and filter shroud). The sugarcane bottle is produced with 60% less energy and 40% less greenhouse gasses than regular plastic bottles. 

All Water-to-Go bottles are fully recyclable. The filter medium itself is compostable. 

Q: Does the bottle come with a filter?

A: Yes, all Water-to-Go bottles come with a filter attached to the lid.

Q: Where can I buy replacement filters?

A: You can buy replacement filters at, and on Amazon. 

Q: Can it filter salt water?

A: No. Fresh water only.

Q: Can the filter be frozen? 

A: No, the filter will not work effectively if it is frozen. If the filter does get frozen, make sure that it is fully defrosted by filling the bottle with warm water before using it again. You can still fill the bottle with snow or ice and use the bottle in cold climates but it is important to ensure the filter doesn’t get frozen by keeping it in a bag, sleeping bag, close to your person etc.

Q: Will the filter clean urine?

A: While the filter could be used to filter urine in extreme emergencies, Water-to-Go strongly recommends against filtering and consuming urine.

Q: Can I use my Water-to-Go bottle with powders?

A: Powders will be captured by the filter. If you want to use your Water-to-Go bottle with powders, unscrew the filter from the lid and use water from a safe source.  When you need to use your bottle to filter water, screw the filter back onto the lid. Any residual powder in the bottle will be captured by the filter. Having an extra filter may be helpful since powders and sediments reduce filter life.

Q: Can I use this bottle to fill a glass or pot?

A: Water-to-Go bottles are designed to purify water as your drink. They are not designed to fill another vessel. You can easily get water from the bottle to brush your teeth but filling a glass or pot is not recommended.

Q: Can the bottles go in the dishwasher?  

A: Dishwasher safe: Active bottles, Bioplastic bottles, and Classic bottles

Not dishwasher safe: Go! 18oz/50cl bottle and lid (now discontinued in US/Canada) are hand wash only. 

In all cases, please remove the filter before cleaning. 

The filter is not designed to be flushed.

 Q: ​​Are Water-to-Go products BPA-free?

A: Yes. All the product components (bottles, lids and filters) are BPA free and all materials used are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Our core guiding principles are to protect people and the planet.

Q: Can I custom-brand Water-to-Go bottles for my organization? 

A: Yes. We can make custom bottles using your logo. We have done this for several large organizations.  For more information please contact

Q: Is Water-to-Go new?

A: Water-to-Go is a twelve year old British company with over 500,000 happy customers around the globe. Water-to-Go's mission is to provide safe drinking water without single use plastics that damage the environment. To accomplish that we design, manufacture and distribute personal water purifier bottles that filter up to 99.9999% of water-borne contaminants that can cause illness. We protect travelers, outdoor adventurers (hikers, campers, mountaineers, anglers), families concerned about the quality of tap water and those preparing for emergencies and natural disasters.

There are two things that make Water-to-Go different:

  • Better protection for people. Unlike most filter bottles, Water-to-Go filters dangerous viruses like hepatitis.
  • Better protection for the planet. In addition to a filter that replaces 400 plastic bottles, Water-to-Go offers the only bioplastic water filter bottle, made from sugarcane. Plastic from plants, not petroleum!  We are in the process of moving all our bottles to bioplastic.  

If there is a danger in your water, this amazing filter likely removes it.

Water-to-Go filters remove dangerous viruses like hepatitis that most filter bottles fail to remove.

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