If you want to live a sustainable lifestyle, you can do so outside the confines of your home. You don’t have to rely on non-sustainable transportation and goods when traveling. So, how do you keep an eco-friendly lifestyle in mind during trips? Look through this list to learn the do’s and don’ts of sustainable travel.

Don’t Ignore Local Businesses

An easy way to travel sustainably is to find local businesses when shopping, eating, or making any other purchases during your trip. That way, you can add to the local economy instead of relying on the typical go-to big brand stores. Plus, the longer you stay during the trip, the more opportunities you have to assist the community. Don’t shy away from staying a bit longer in places you fall in love with on your adventures.

Do Pack Reusable Water Purifiers

You won’t have a fridge or tap to get water when you're away from home. As a result, you’ll need a water bottle by your side to stay hydrated, especially if you’re hiking and doing other physical activities. Instead of relying on single-use plastic bottles during your trip, stick with a reusable bottle to reduce waste. One 26oz filter replaces 400 single use plastic bottles.

Reusable bottles cut down significant waste when traveling. Plus, quality water purifiers can provide travelers access to clean water from natural sources. For instance, when you grab water from a nearby river with our water purifier bottle for hiking, the purifier removes viruses, heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and pesticides!

Don’t Forget To Search for Sustainable Businesses

Beyond drinking water, eating food is something you’ll need to do every day. If you want to prioritize sustainability during your trip, keep an eye out for local eco-friendly eateries, hotels, and other businesses. That way, you won’t compromise your endeavor to avoid starvation or sleep deprivation.

Do Use Sustainable Transportation

We can’t talk about the do’s and don’ts of sustainable travel without discussing the various modes of transportation you might rely on. If you don’t have an eco-friendly vehicle ready, consider walking to nearby destinations.

Walking enables you to experience the local scenery without contributing to carbon emissions. Another suitable sustainable travel idea is a bike; no carbon emissions, but ample efficiency for traveling around vacation spots. Many travel destinations have local bike rentals, so you can support a local business and reduce carbon emissions simultaneously! With these tips in mind, you can travel with curiosity and sustainability every step of the way.

Written by Rashidul Islam

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