Whether the day is warm, cold, or somewhere in between, having water by your side to rehydrate is critical when you’re adventuring outdoors. That said, when you’re on the go, knowing where and how to find drinking water isn’t so straightforward. Don’t worry; the proper steps are fairly easy to learn. Let’s discuss the top tips for finding water while adventuring outdoors, so you can learn the ropes today.

Prepare To Track

Freshwater sources, such as rivers, are perfect places for hikers, backpackers, and beyond to find drinking water. So, how exactly do you locate the nearest water source? One sign is an increasing presence of green vegetation, which is a common occurrence in valleys and gulches in the wild. Even when the water looks dirty in these areas, water purifier bottles can eliminate the contaminants and make the H2O safe to drink.

Another easy way to quickly track down nearby bodies of water is to pack a map with you on the trip. When you need to rehydrate but your bottle is empty, simply pull out the map to find a solution.

Fill Your Water Bottle

Always try to pack plenty of water in a reusable water bottle for your outdoor adventure. Water purifier bottles are typically reusable, so you can put water from the tap into the bottle before you leave, and then use it to collect water outdoors when it’s empty.

Plus, having a reusable bottle means you don’t have to buy plastic, single-use bottles before the trip ahead. Reusable bottles also eliminate excess weight that can be burdensome on longer hikes—one liter of water weighs about a pound. Instead of packing multiple bottles to stay hydrated, you can use one reusable purifier for the whole trip.

Clean Before Drinking

Having a quality water purifier bottle is one of the must-know tips for finding water while adventuring outdoors because natural water sources can contain contaminants. In particular, outdoor water contains viruses from animals’ droppings. Thankfully, water purifier bottles filter out contaminants to turn unhealthy water into clean, refreshing H2O to drink.

For example, our portable water filter bottles remove bacteria, viruses, and more harmful materials so you can rehydrate in the wilderness. Suffice it to say, having a way to hydrate on your adventure is essential for staying energetic and ready to tackle the trek ahead.

Written by Rashidul Islam

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