Bottled water is certainly common in grocery stores, gas stations, etc., but they’re not your only solutions for hydration. Although buying these bottles might seem like a convenient solution, more accommodating and beneficial options continue to thrive. Take a deeper look at our top reasons to avoid drinking bottled water to learn more today.

A Lighter Load

Camping, hiking, and similar outdoor activities are the perfect opportunities to go out, get active, and escape the stress of at-home and at-work issues. However, if you don’t want to literally put too much pressure on your shoulders, avoid packing water bottles.

One key reason for this is that water bottles look small, but they pack excess weight into your backpack, which you’ll have to endure during the whole trip. One liter of water weighs about a pound and that is one extra pound you don’t want to carry on a long hike. Not only is the weight an issue, but also the backpack becomes cluttered; fewer bottles mean more room for other essentials. Thankfully, packing a single reusable water purifier bottle ensures you will remain hydrated while maintaining a lighter load.

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Cost-effectiveness is also one of the primary reasons to avoid drinking bottled water. Of course, each bottle of water costs money when you’re stocking up before a trip. You can instead use reusable bottles to stay hydrated without having to spend a bunch of money of single use plastic water bottles. That hurts your wallet and hurts the planet

You can refill you water purifier bottle and any freshwater source, including, lakes, ponds and streams. Even a big puddle. around you. At Water-to-Go, our camping water purifier bottlesremove viruses and other contaminants from the sources you find in the wild. Drink with confidence that the water is pure and safe so you can rehydrate and reenergize for your trip.

Sustainable Survival

Finally, one of the most important reasons to stop using bottled water is to rehydrate sustainably. A reusable water purifier bottle isn’t something you need to throw in the trash after the first use; it will stick with you for a while, unlike single-use plastic water bottles that can end up in landfills, on beaches, and in our oceans. Reusable bottles also simplify clean-up in the wild. Instead of having to fill a portable trash bag with water bottles, you have a more long-term and clutter-free solution.

Start using these tips on trips to see how straightforward it is to remove plastic water bottles from your life.

Written by Rashidul Islam

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