Not all hazards are large and scary—some are so small that we can’t see them with our naked eye. However, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. For instance, lead is a dangerous contaminant prevalent in our drinking water. An analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that between 2018-2020, 56 percent of Americans drank from water systems with detectable levels of lead.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid lead consumption at home and away from home. Continue through this guide to discover the best way to avoid lead in drinking water inside and outside your home.

Lead & Drinking Water

The presence of lead in drinking water is nothing new; this contaminant finds its way into water supplies through the lead pipes transporting our drinking water. As lead pipes age, they corrode and leach lead into the water carried by the pipes. This problem is not isolated to Flint Michigan. The EPA estimated that there are 610 million lead service lines across the US.

Health Impact of Lead

Lead is an invisible threat. You can’t see it. You can’t taste it. You can’t smell it. Even if your drinking water looks clear and tastes fine, it is difficult to know if it contains lead. Lead is a potent neurotoxin. No amount of lead is safe for children with growing nervous systems, Relatively low levels of lead consumption may result in subtle symptoms but serious harm including anemia, hypertension, kidney impairment, and immune system dysfunction.

Portable Purification for Better Protection

Even though lead is invisible you can avoid consuming lead in your water if you have the right tools by your side. There are plenty of filtration devices for the home that can remove lead, including expensive under-sink filtration units and inexpensive filtration pitchers. But the water system that feeds your home tap likely provides the same water you drink at school, work, or the gym. The best way to avoid lead in drinking water is portable protection. Water filtration you can take anywhere. A water purifier bottle filters out lead and other contaminants wherever you roam. In addition to lead, our water purifier bottles remove other heavy metals (, arsenic), bacteria, viruses, chemicals and microplastics.

Lead in drinking water may be invisible and dangerous but with the right portable protection it needn’t be a threat to your health.

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Written by Rashidul Islam

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