Pure Drinking Water for RVs

Portable Water Purification for RVers

RVers often hesitate to drink from the freshwater tank which can have residual chemicals left over from the last tank flush and chemicals or pathogens picked up when topping off the tank at each stop. Water-to-Go water filter bottles provide a portable water purification system for RVers. You can drink from the tank, any local tap, or any lake pond or steam you find along your route.

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From dirty water to clean water in seconds.

Just fill, replace lid and filter, and drink. No waiting. No chemicals. No pumping. No plunging. The Water-to-Go water purifier bottle transforms dirty water into pure drinking water in seconds and eliminates up to 99.9999% of water contaminants that can make you sick.

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Save money, save space, save the planet.

The cost of buying plastic jugs of drinking water every week adds up. It is not good for the planet and not good for your wallet. One Water-to-Go 26 oz filter is equal to 400 plastic bottles. One filter can last up to three months before needing to be replaced.  Unlike single use plastic bottles, water filter bottles are eco-friendly. They are BPA-free and recyclable and the filters are compostable.

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As RVers, the Water-to-Go bottles can help solve another common problem. When we fill our RV fresh water tank on our travels, even at a reputable water source of potable water, we’re never quite sure of the water quality or taste. We often say, “this water may be potable, but it’s far from drinkable!”

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